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Caroline Kimiko Jensen.
22. Addicted to coffee, metal, and scary movies. Currently finishing my degree in Communication Studies in Southern California. I am a contributing writer for Substream Music Press and intern at 5B Artist Management.

Twitter: carolinex3
Instagram: carolinekimiko

Stay focused. Stay active. Stay inspired.

Does it make me an asshole

to say that I don’t really want to date or be friends with someone if they aren’t doing anything with their lives? Like you could be great to drink or smoke with and play N64 games with, but have no drive to go after a career outside of minimum wage jobs or go to school. I have known so many people the past few years who say that they’re going to do all of these things and then don’t follow through and make up a million excuses. When Im around people who are really getting their shit done, who are smart and talented and really put those talents to use, it motivates me so much. I’ve been doing all the motivating the past few years for some people and at a certain point, I can’t be the life coach anymore when I’m trying to get my own life in order. 

People who go after what they want are really brave and incredible. Those are the people i want to associate myself with. People who are passionate about something and know in their heart that they want to bring that dream to fruition. 

Ended my week in the Bay with my wife @lilylovesyou2 - ❤️ you babe! 👯

Ended my week in the Bay with my wife @lilylovesyou2 - ❤️ you babe! 👯